Sometimes you see something you know you'll never experience again. This is where these stories lives on beyond the campfire.

Johannes Larssen

The chanterelle-guy

September 23, 2011 • 30 miles outside of Kongsvinger, Norway
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“Me and my friends where going on that hunting trip we had dreamed about for the last couple of years. ”

Finally the weekend had arrived. The cars where filled and the 5 hour drive started. We arrived around 22. The dinner was cooked and the fireplace lit. The plans for the following day were made and we headed off to bed.

Just a few hours later we were ready to start the day. We went out to our stands. It was a beautiful day, not too warm and not too cold, but the moose where nowhere to be seen. Several hours went by but none of us had seen or heard anything. We got back to the cabin. It was time to eat and to talk about a different tactic for the next day.

We went out a bit earlier the following day, we all had new places to sit and waited for the moose to come by. One of my friends called over the radio and said he had seen one, but the distance had been too big for a shot to be made. Anyway, a moose had been spotted.

The hours went by, and around 11 o’clock, I spotted a field of chanterelles and thought that it would be a great idea to pick some for the dinner later on. So I went over there and started picking the mushrooms. Smart how I am I had left the rifle at my backpack, when going on my little walk to the chanterelles. I heard some sound coming from the forest behind and when I turned around to see what was going on. The moose stood alongside my backpack and looked at me. I was stunned, how stupid it is not to take the rifle with me. Anyway, the view was great.

Luckily, the moose got inside the shooting range of one of my buddies 15 mins later. On that trip I got the nickname “kantarell-gutten” in Norwegian, which means in English “chanterelle-guy”.

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