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Rune Balstad

Fantastic father & son hunt

September 14, 2012 • 100 km outside Trondheim, Norway
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“Two seasons ago, my 7-year old boy experienced the event of the year: a roebuck hunt with dad.”

We have a strong Roe deer population around our family cabin, which is just a two-hour drive from our hometown. The season opens August 10th, but I did not hunt the area until my boy could come along. Finally the awaited weekend came and he was very excited. Not just about the hunt, but also about nature, exploration, anatomy and so on. So he comes up with a lot of questions, but when it’s time to sit and wait for the deer he is dead quiet.

We arrived at the cabin on a Friday, immediately changed into our hunting clothes and went out to check the area. The weather was perfect for some stalking and within an hour we spotted a nice buck with out EL Range 10×42.
The buck was about 240 meters away and I told my son that we should try to get a little closer. We had good cover in the trees and we could make our way slowly towards him. When the EL Range showed 90 meters we laid down and watched the buck for a while – what a thrill!

I had my Blaser R8 with Z6i 2,5-15×56 BT SR sighted in for 100, 200, 300 and 400 meters, so there was no need for adjusting. The buck dropped immediately with a perfect shot on the shoulder.

The roebuck

My son, Kristoffer, was really excited and was able to examine the stomach as we took it out. Of course everybody helped getting the animal out of the terrain and Kristoffer dragged the roebuck back to the cabin with a big smile on his face.

Saturday morning I woke him up early to check if maybe a fox had found the remains. As luck would have it, when we rounded the corner a nice Red Fox was feeding on the entails. He fell straight down at 100 meters by my 7mm Blaser Magnum.

We took the fox to the cabin, but it was still early and Kristoffer was eager to do some more hunting. I suggested we try the neighboring area and see what we could find.

We had walked barely 300 meters when we spotted another fox at 120 meters on my superb EL Range. How would I manage without them? Once again there was no need to adjust my Z6i before placing a shot at his shoulder and killing him instantly. What a hunt so far: in half a day we had bagged a roebuck and two foxes.

The two foxes

On the way back to the cabin I told my son that we should go and check the first kill spot again. I had seen a small buck there several times that year and I wanted to take him out.

We sat down and after just 30 minutes Diana smiled on us again. The small buck came between the trees just 70 meters away. I took aim resting on my backpack and dropped the deer quickly with one shot.

Now Kristoffer was in a hurry to get back to the cabin to tell his mom and little brother. What a hunt! With just four shot we had taken 2 roebucks and two foxes. Life could not have been better for us then and there.

After skinning the animals and taking care of the roebuck meat it was time to relax. That day Kristoffer kept coming up with the stories with different twists again and again, his eyes glittering as he told them. I could not have been prouder of the skills he showed, the interest he had in learning and the respect he paid for mother nature.

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