Sometimes you see something you know you'll never experience again. This is where these stories lives on beyond the campfire.

Joseph Caldwell

Hunting with my grandfather

December 26, 1993 • Pigeon Creek, 100 miles south of Montgomery, Alabama
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“My grandfather, who passed away last year, introduced me to hunting and the outdoors. For many years during the Alabama hunting season I spent most of my time hunting with him. ”

On the morning of December 26, 1993 our hunting club was supposed to run dogs the one time a year it happened. The original spot I drew was in a nice pine bottom that was a usual deer crossing.

A few minutes later my grandfather came calling me. He said they put two other people in the same location, so he gave me his spot on the power line, where the dogs were going in the woods. About five minutes after the dogs and the guide entered the woods a 10 point with a 15 1/2″ spread came out. I took him with one shot from my Winchester lever action 30-30. I began to shout “Grandpa, I got him!”

My first buck was harvested all because of the great man, who introduced me to the outdoors and gave me his spot on that December morning.

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