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Lucas Maes

The joy of observing

August 4, 2012 • Ardennes, Belgium
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“As soon as my mentor called me to tell we were invited to go hunting in the Belgian Ardennes, I knew we would had a wonderful experience. For me it would be the first time I would go 'pirsching'. ”

Le pirsch as we name it in French, is a way of hunting where we are able to observe the animal first for a long time, before we take a shot. It all started at the hunting lodge. As we came in, the old boss of the hunting area was very happy to see us. Before we would go hunting, we need to eat something first. The boss’ wife has made a fantastic meal served with his best wine. The ambiance was exceptional, so my evening was already good.

After the meal, we met the keeper of the hunting area. We talked about where we would go and what we could and could not shoot. So we went to the woods, all in the Land Rover Defender, excited for what would come. We arrived at a tower in wood, where we would stay for 2 hours.

An hour went by and we had seen nothing yet. But suddenly I heard something moved in the bushes. In one second fantastic deer stood at 80 meter for us. We were not allowed to shoot it, so we watched it. I could watch it for more than half an hour and every second of it was amazing. I almost forgot that I had a camera with me. So I took it and tried to make a photo as quit as I could. After a good half an hour, the deer decided to go back in cover. We did the same thing and went back to house. No shots were fired, but we had the time of our life. For me, that is the real meaning of hunting. Being in the nature and enjoying every second of it!

As we came back in the hunting lodge I could tell about my adventures and show my photo. The boss of the hunting area was happy we had seen one of his deer. After some drinks, it was time for us to go home. When I finally lay in my bed and closed my eyes I could see the large deer and his movements all over again. I will never forget those moments and I hope, one day, I will see the deer again so I can observe him even longer.

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