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Julia Berger

My first time hunting

September, 2013 • Southern Germany
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“I decided to take the hunter’s exam because I believe regionally hunted meat is fair and high quality.”

While studying for the exam, I met a lot of interesting and different people, all of which had one thing in common – they already knew a lot about hunting as their fathers and grandfathers had a history in hunting. Coming from a family without any immediate relations to hunting this set me off as the most inexperienced person of the group.

After some hard studies I passed all of the exams and were finally ready to go out on my very first hunting trip. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to join a very passionate and enthusiastic hunter for a two day trip. Being a first-timer, I didn’t have any hunting equipment of my own except for an old pair of Swarovski Habicht binoculars I received as a gift from my dads friend who was also a hunter. The binoculars had been his first pair, and although they were old, the optics in them was still excellent.

Moving out to the highstand

It was a very clear, but windy evening and once the sun started setting we had one of those views you see in films with autumnal green, brown and golden wet grass on the fields and the dark forest in the horizon.  While being a very uneventful evening when it comes to animal activity, it left us a lot of time to check out our surrounding area with our binoculars.

With our surroundings getting darker and darker, I soon realized how hard it would be to actually spot something in the gathering dusk when my companion asked me if I wanted to borrow his pair of SLC binoculars to try them out. Suddenly, I was able to differentiate the trees and bushed from the before black wall of forest again. But even with the enhanced brightness of the binoculars, the waiting and the scanning we never got to spot an animal that evening.

Great colors before the gathering dusk

The second day we arrived very early at the hunting spot and even tough the view was as amazing as the day before our new day was even windier and even a little wet. We waited and scanned through the twilight but just like the previous evening we were waiting without luck. The cold soon forced us back to the hunter’s hut for some breakfast.

The second day started with a damp and windy morning

That same evening, we started out on our third hunting session and this time we had luck on our side. Not two hours after arriving at the highstand, our patience was rewarded by some doe coming out of the bush.

Not only was this my first successful hunting trip, it was also the time I learned to always bring a warm pullover and the importance of good optics.


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