Sometimes you see something you know you'll never experience again. This is where these stories lives on beyond the campfire.

Roman Toferer

A real proof for my gear

November and December • Hüttschlag, Austria
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“I was organizing a driven hunt in a pure mountain terrain on November 28th on red stag, hind and calf. ”

About 70 cm fresh snow was in the terrain and there was still heavy snowfall that day. 10 hunters were on stands and 3 guys including myself were with dogs, trying to push animals in the direction along the valley. It’s a really rocky and step terrain and on some places impossible to pass canyons.

Suddenly when I am in one of those canyons an avalanche took me almost silent about 60/70 meters down. Luckily I had just some scratches and a little shook feeling on my body. The good thing was I could manage to release all my gear (backbag, rifle, optic…) in the avalanche. The bad thing was that my gear was gone, most probably my rental Swarovski EL 8,5×42 and my rifle SHR with a Swarovski Optik Z4i. We got one stag that day.

The stag from the story

During a warm windy period at Christmas I was deciding to take the risk and try to look for my gear on 26th December morning. Suddenly I found my rifle closed to a rock hanging on a tree!!! The rifle had some little scratch, but the optic was 100% okay. From this place where I found the rifle I could not come further down the canyon, so I decided to climb from another side.

Looking for my gear

On the morning of the 27th – sounds crazy – but I found my EL 8,5×42 about 40 m further, where I found the rifle, and also the jacket which was on the backbag. Congrats to Swarovski Optik! The EL 8,5×42 is without any problem and was under packed snow in an avalanche from 28th of November to 27th of December. This was an one month quality test!

My backbag was found mid of April by a farmer and my gear is complete again!!! Sometimes it’s better to stay at home but sometimes you need an adventure extra class!

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