Sometimes you see something you know you'll never experience again. This is where these stories lives on beyond the campfire.

Kyle Welch

A great time together

December 26, 2012 • 30 miles outside Louisville, KY on the Ohio River
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“Hunting was always something the two of us grew up passionate about, and something we grew up doing together. ”

My cousin was home for the holidays. We were both about 24 at this point, hadn’t seen each other in roughly a year, but as soon as the Christmas festivities wrapped up, we grabbed our rifles and headed out that evening looking for some coyotes.

We didn’t see much of anything that night. It was roughly 8 degrees Fahrenheit (-13 °C) and the woods were pretty calm, but freezing and stubborn we spent the night in a tripod with a nest of mice that we could constantly here frolicking about below us.

That’s one of my favorite hunting memories, because it isn’t always about the kill, sometimes it’s just about doing something together and enjoying the outdoors above all else.

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