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Thomas Meyers

Success – despite the crutches!

September 9, 2013 • 55 kilometres from Winnipeg, Canada
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“From before I can remember, my mother brought me to the woods to teach me about animals.”

She showed me how to identify different birds and telling how, in our area, the hardest animals to get close to were the Whitetail Deer. So my hunting career will always revolve around a deep respect for all animals I pursue, from the moose of the northern Canada to the Whitetail’s of the southern Canada.

In year 2012 I had trail camera pictures of a buck that had grabbed my attention – in fact, had me hooked: a perfect five by five with beautiful facial markings. After not seeing the buck, and with the season closing fast, I ended up taking a one of a kind 8×8 buck, yet the beautiful 5×5 was on my mind every day through the following off season.

August 2013 arrived and it was time for pre-season scouting. Sure enough, I found my buck, and boy had he grown. He looked like a king in the field; we scouted him every night from a distance. Five days before season opened I had an unfortunate foot injury that landed me on crutches, but I wouldn’t let that stop me. With the deer patterned down I was confident that with the right wind I could harvest this buck on my first sit.

Scouting from afar

Scouting this deer from afar I was able to put a plan together to get close enough for a shot. A week into season I climbed into my stand and three hours later put an arrow into the big 5×5. Without quality Swarovski optics I was using I’m not sure I would have been able to do the proper scouting in the low light of the day. I said a prayer, thanked the animal and couldn’t help but simply sit and admire him for a moment.

These animals really are the kings of the forest and like all kings they truly deserve our respect.

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